What is a Will?

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A Will is a revocable declaration of intention regarding the distribution of our assets to our loved ones upon our demise. Although there are people who draw up their own will, the questions one has to ask are:

  • Is this a valid and functional will?
  • Are my instructions in the will clear for my executor to understand and carry out?
  • Does it achieve my objectives?
  • How can I ensure that there is no tampering to my will upon my demise?

    Without a Will, your assets could give more troubles than benefit to your family at a time when they are most vulnerable. Your loved ones could be involved in a long drawn legal process or fighting in a complex legal battle with other family members.

    Without a Will, the law will decide who your beneficiaries, trustees and guardian would be. There is a legal process to go through before your loved ones can benefit from your assets. Leave nothing to chance. Make a Will and the law will protect your wishes.

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