To Delay Is Human But To Will Is Divine (ebook)

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To Delay is Human but to Will is Divine is a simple easy-to-read guidebook for anyone who is interested in Wills and Trusts and the whole area of Estate Planning. This book covers all the essential information on Estate Planning (Wills & Trust), and uses vivid stories and day-to-day real life scenarios to bring home its message concerning how families should preserve, protect and distribute their estate before death occurs in the household.

Journey with Peter Lee as he takes you through engaging, simple-to-understand short stories reflecting real-life scenarios experienced by families he has helped in his career as an estate planner. Through his stories, you will:

• Understand the importance of protecting your family through proper estate planning

• Be armed with essential knowledge in estate planning and be motivated to get your affairs in order

• Avoid the pitfalls of families getting embroiled in fights over assets left by deceased family members

• Be equipped to avoid lengthy court affairs

About the author

Peter Lee started his career as a Company Secretary in 1988 and is a member of the Malaysian Association of Company Secretaries. He is a practicing Company Secretary and Estate Planner, having extended his services to Wills and Trusts in 2003. He has his own private practice based in Ipoh, Malaysia and writes on the Subject of Wills & Trusts regularly in Ipoh Echo, a local community newspaper.

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