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Can I Write My Own Will?

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The question that most people would ask when they think it’s time to write a will is “Can I write a Will myself”

The short answer is: “Don’t be penny wise pound foolish”

It is always not advisable to write our own wills because we might not achieve what we want and avoid what we don’t want. The following might happen:

  • Partial intestacy – No residuary clause
  • Easily subject to contest in court, may cause future problem
  • May not be granted a Probate – Vague
  • Not fully aware of certain legal implication
  • May not take care of your worries
  • No assurance/protection to beneficiaries e.g. no trust fund to protect family members
  • No appointment of guardian for minor children
  • Remember, a Will must be ‘function’, as it may cause delay, problems, frustrations, anger, hardships to our family and loved ones when it is not properly drafted and 100% valid under the Law.

    Get a Professional to write, even it is a simple one as it grants you with Peace Of Mind & Makes Our Wishes Come True.

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