I think you would agree with me if I say Covid – 19 or Coronavirus is the most scariest word in the whole world at the moment . While we are grounded in our homes with our family under the lockdown period, I believed all of us are bombarded with news on our television set , daily whatsapp messages and Facebook on the infected and death cases in Malaysia and the rest of world. I…

wealth-sizeThere is a misconception that only the wealthy need to have a will drawn up. In estate planning, the size of it is immaterial, unless one totally has nothing. The average adult would have at least some savings in the bank, jewellery, a car, a house, shares in their business and also some small investments such as stocks and unit trusts.

As such, it is better to plan the distribution of these in the will for assets to be passed down smoothly to the next of kin. But in cases of special needs of dependents and minors, it is best to set up a living trust (inter vivos).